The different way to fly


photos: © stern-press (H. Stern, I.Vörös) 2012


So you ́d like to have something special? A versatile eye-catcher to conquer the skies? Then the new TRIXY G 4-2 R is just what you are looking for. This new gyrocopter convertible has gone into serial production during November of last year, since January 12th 2012 with the German admission to traffic. Way to score, man. No doubt. Costing just under 88.000,- Euro fully- loaded, this two seated ultralight aircraft is not just for Les Nouveaux Riches. It is a high-tech machine for the passionate pilot and real esthete. It’s the Mercedes Roadster in its class. On cold and moist days a closed and heated cockpit is at your ready. During summer, fly towards the horizon with that open air feeling by simply removing the hardtop.


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